Spectator eTickets

As event organiser operating as a social enterprise, our constant endeavor is to craft the finest experience for all participants. Our goal extends beyond mere event access; we are dedicated to championing various initiatives focused on youth development and community empowerment.

Here’s a breakdown of what you get and who it supports:

Entertainment Accessibility

We understand the financial constraints faced by families, a segment of the entry fee is allocated to grant access to all onsite entertainment activities for players and their families at no additional cost. This includes: Arcade/Gaming Zone, Free Face Painting, Inflatables Rides and Free Phone Charging.

This inclusive approach ensures that everyone, irrespective of financial limitations, can partake fully in the event experience.

supportING the foundation

Your e-ticket, allows The Edinburgh International Cup to extend vital assistance to teams from Africa through participation and travel grants, ensuring their inclusion in the tournament. This support transcends sports, fostering a profound sense of belonging and empowerment among young individuals from diverse backgrounds.


Your e-ticket, allows the event to commit to nurturing local youth by offering enriching upskilling programs. These encompass essential skills such as CV writing, communication, leadership, and problem-solving, equipping young individuals with tools vital for their future pursuits.

Ticket Price

A modest fee of £9.50 is set for spectators aged 16 and above (Players and children under the age of 16 and coaches enter for FREE). This amount not only grants entry to the event but also serves as a contribution toward supporting diverse initiatives.

By attending the event and securing a ticket, spectators not only gain access to thrilling football matches but also contribute directly to meaningful causes supporting youth development on both local and global scales. This integrated approach resonates with the principles of social responsibility and community empowerment, elevating the event beyond a mere sporting spectacle.